Tanya Burnett is the wife of William Burnett. They have been married for 28 years. She is a mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur. After she and her husband raised their two children, she earned a double major in business/business management with a 3.7 GPA from the University of Phoenix and attend Defense Acquisition University for 4 years and earned her Level I and Level II in Government Contracting.

Currently she is a entrepreneur, business woman, founder of Rise Above Collection (Women
Organization, Cosmetics, book, journal, caps, phone cases etc.), author, publisher, Contracting Officer, the founder of T3030 Health designed to empower the less fortunate, MLM, an inspiration/ motivational speaker and Co-Founder Enrichment Coach of “The RichWay Life”. The RichWay Life mission is to develop and create millions of “Personal Enrichment Coaches” all around the world to lead all people into a Rich lifestyle which includes a Rich in Spirit, Soul, & Body.

In her private and spare time, she enjoys relaxing with her husband, children, grand-children, parents, spending time near the ocean and meditating.


Are you ready?  It’s time to live your life!! Find & Walk In Your PURPOSE!!

What is your DESIRE?

Proverbs 18:16

A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary DESIRE means to long or hope for. 

Remember the DESIRE in you is a GIFT from GOD. Man did not place that gift inside of you. If you do not know your gift, I suggest you seek to learn it. We all have at least one gift; however, some people have many gifts; however, having one is all you need to live a purpose driven life.

Never except the following lies from the enemy:  
  • You think you are better than others
  • You think you are something
  • Why you want to do that
  • All, it’s nothing to you
  • It won’t last
  • You are wasting your time
  • I would not do that, if I were you

All the above may apply to the person that is actually saying those words; however, you are not them so I suggest that you go for it so that GOD can be GLORIFIED!